Strawberry dessert


  • Vegan? Plant based? -- Everything is really truly 100% vegan meaning free of everything: dairy, eggs, meat, lard, honey, rennet, carmine, datem, etc. We (Katherine & Lisa) also are really truly 100% vegan. Our food is plant-based meaning made from plant products.

  • Gluten free? -- Everything is really truly 100% gluten free meaning produced in a kitchen that is free from gluten products including: beer, farro, rye, barley, malt, etc. Our ingredients are also produced in facilities free from gluten products including, etc.

  • Oats & Quinoa? -- We do not use Oats or Quinoa in any of our products because, like many people with celiac, Katherine cannot eat them! They are often cross contaminated with gluten and even when they are not can still cause a reaction in some people with celiac.

  • Other allergens? -- Common allergens our food may contain: soy, nuts, peanuts, sesame. Please let us know if you have allergies so we can help you enjoy your food safely.

  • Do you have a store? -- Not yet!

  • How can I try your food? -- You can check out our events page to see where we’re having pop ups, or you can check out our orders page to pre-order some of our best stuff.